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posted by [personal profile] averita at 09:27pm on 03/09/2014
First of all, thank you so much for writing for me! I can't wait to see what you come up with! I am very easy to please, especially when it comes to these wonderful, often-underrepresented ships! I hope that this letter will help answer any questions you may have, but rest assured that I will be excited and delighted by whatever you have to offer.

Damages: My beautiful and underrepresented show! I love Patty and Ellen separately and together, in almost every form, so anything focused on their relationship would be great. I am fine with this remaining true to canon rather than being explicitly shippy, because I feel like their canon relationship had enough obvious undertones and UST that anything exploring them will count as femslash.

I'm fascinated by the evolution we saw on the show, both for them personally and for them together; the ambiguity of their motives/actions and the constantly shifting power dynamics are especially compelling to me. Some of my favorite scenes were the ones with them talking around each other and all of the things that they didn't say, so missing moments like that would be great to see.

I had a lot of feelings about the end of the show and in particular the final flash-forward; while I'd love to see fic exploring them post-series, I'm not crazy about the idea that Ellen lives happily ever after with her family and Patty is forever alone and dissatisfied with her life. I think that both characters are more complicated than that! So different takes/interpretations of their futures are welcome. This is also where I'd be happy to see Ellen/OFC (IMO, there's no way she and Chris would have stayed together) - it would be nice to see Ellen moving on in her own way, but if you go this route, I'd like to see the impact Ellen's past and her history with Patty has on her future relationships.

Honestly, there's so little out there featuring these two that I'll be happy with anything. My only real request is nothing fluffy - IMO, these two aren't capable of a happy, stable relationship. Sex, fighting, bittersweetness and nostalgia, them using each other in different ways and trying to figure out what they want from each other - all awesome. Cuddling on the couch and co-raising Catherine - not really what I'm looking for.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: I love all the ladies in this fandom and they're all underrepresented, IMO, so there's a lot of room for you to play here!

I adore the relationship between Maria and Sarah Jane, and though I'm not looking for an established relationship or anything explicit between them given the age difference, I'd really love to see Maria's (totally canon) crush on Sarah Jane explored. This can be done however you like - young Maria beginning to realize what these feelings are, Sarah Jane recognizing it and being awkward, whatever. I'd also love to see older!Maria back in England and how her relationship with Sarah has evolved now that she's presumably more comfortable in her own skin and her feelings. In my mind, they have a relationship similar to Sarah and the Doctor - an undercurrent of chemistry that can never be realized, although perhaps acknowledged, but they remain the best of friends. To that end, any fic focused on their friendship with the filter of Maria's feelings for Sarah (subtle or otherwise) would be excellent. (This isn't particularly helpful, I don't think, but that's because I'll really take anything!)

Or, to go in another direction - young!Sarah Jane meets older!Maria (either one of them can be the time traveler).

As for Maria/OFC, I just want Maria to be happy, man. Give her an awesome lady love who she can save the world with. I'm all about the Bannerman Road family, so maybe something with Maria introducing her girlfriend to Sarah, Luke, Clyde, and co.?

The Closer: Arrrrrgh, I miss my ship :( Go nuts. Unrequited is fine here, actually - that's a theme in these prompts! Angsty fic about Sharon trying to be friends with Brenda while being in love with her would be awesome. I'd also be thrilled with season seven era hurt/comfort, them trying to navigate a friendship/relationship after Sharon takes over Major Crimes, family fic with Rusty - whatever. It could also be fun to bring the team into it (Brenda gets jealous when she realizes that Sharon and Flynn/Hobbs/whoever seem to be getting close? How different members of the team realize that Brenda/Sharon are a thing?). With these two, I'm really good with fluff, angst, fluff, plot, and anything you want to throw at me.

ASOIAF: Sansa/Margaery is my jam and I will take them in any form. Fluff, angst, canon-divergent AU, modern AU, future fic, pre- or established relationship, unrequited, and/or all of the above. I feel like there's probably a limit to how fluffy anything canon-based can be - it feels like there'd be some bittersweetness, at least, given Sansa's situation - but if you feel like you can pull it off, go for it! I'd love to see Margaery meet Alayne Stone, or for Sansa to be fostered at Highgarden, or for Olenna to call Margaery out on how her falling for Sansa is going to hurt her in the long run, or wildling!Margaery to steal Princess!Sansa - those are just the first things that pop into my head, but honestly, go nuts and have fun. You can also feel free to throw Dany, Cersei, Arianne, or show!Shae into the mix.

Catelyn and Cersei is a ship that I'd like to see explored in an AU or pre-canon situation, not in a shippy sense after AGOT starts. Something featuring them meeting as young women (Cersei accompanies Jaime to Riverrun?) and probably not liking each other very much but there being some interesting tension there would be fun. An AU situation - Catelyn as one of Cersei's ladies, or being married to Jaime, or something - would also be great. (Throwing Jaime or Ned into the mix would be 100% okay.)

Roslin and Jeyns is a ship I haven't seen much of, but I think both characters are really interesting and underrepresented, and that they both have a lot of quiet strength. I'd love to see some sort of future fic where they meet up (and possibly take over the world).

General preferences: I love new takes on characters I love, whether it's through putting them in new situations or simply through character studies. I love AUs, although generally I prefer "what if?" scenarios to completely different universes (i.e. "What if Ellen hadn't walked away at the end?" rather than "Ellen and Patty in the wild west!" - modern AUs being the exception). I'm a big fan of melancholy/bittersweet stories, which would definitely suit some of these ships very well, but I can also get on board with super angsty or fun and silly. I'm fine with anything from G to NC-17. Mostly, I hope you have fun writing this story, and I can't wait to read it!
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