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Hello, kind [livejournal.com profile] rarewomen author!

I've never participated in this particular exchange before, but I'm very excited to see what you come up for for me. I'll be thrilled just to see any of the ladies I selected featured in any fic, so there's very little pressure. I'm pretty easy to please! I hope that this letter will help answer any questions you may have, but rest assured that I will be excited and delighted by whatever you have to offer.

24: My first TV fandom! It was the first fandom I ever explored in fic (not counting crappy adolescent Harry Potter fic) and Nina Myers was the first character I fell head over heels for, so this one will always have a special place in my heart. Nina is amazing and is one of the only female characters who had a largely satisfying ending (the early days were the best), so pretty much anything goes for her - pre-series exploration, her time at CTU, post s1 or s2, missing scenes, whatever. I love Jack/Nina and their utter fucked-up-ness; I'm also interested in her relationships with Tony, Kim, and Michelle (despite her having no real scenes with the latter).

24 had a terrible habit of creating amazing female characters and then completely screwing them over; Martha, Karen, and Allison all fit that description so fix-it fics/character explorations are awesome for those three. For Martha specifically, I tend to disregard 6x13 and the reference to her apparent death in season 7; I'd prefer the pre- or post-season 5 era for her. I'd prefer pre-s5 Martha/Charles (maybe some backstory about her initial breakdown? Jean Smart has said that they developed one involving the loss of a child, so that could be interesting) or post-s5 Martha/Aaron in terms of ships. For Karen, I'd love post-season explorations as well - the fallout of s5 would be great, or her coping with retirement and Bill's death in s7 (really anything that gives me an idea of what might have happened to her after s6). I love the Bill/Karen ship, if that's something you're interested in. Finally, for Allison, I loved her in season 7 but had MAJOR issues with her actions/decisions in the second half of season 8, so I'd love fix-it or explanation fic for that. The fallout of day 7 for her would be fantastic.

Those three are actually characters that ran in similar circles (Martha and Allison would have been in similar political circles before season five, Karen and Martha were directly involved in bringing Logan down, and Karen served as NSA prior to Allison being elected - not to mention Bill sacrificing himself while Allison was being held hostage) so it would be great to see them interacting in any way!

That got long - sorry! Too many characters across different seasons!

Damages: My beautiful and underrepresented show! I love Patty and Ellen separately and together, in almost every form, so anything focused on their relationship would be great. I'm fascinated by the evolution we saw on the show, both for them personally and for them together; the ambiguity of their motives/actions and the constantly shifting power dynamics are especially compelling to me. I had a lot of feelings about the end of the show and in particular the final flash-forward; while I'd love to see fic exploring Patty and/or Ellen post-series, I'm not crazy about the idea that Ellen lives happily ever after with her family and Patty is forever alone and dissatisfied with her life. I think that both characters are more complicated than that! So different takes/interpretations of their futures are welcome, as are missing scenes, character explorations - pretty much anything you can come up with. Apart from Ellen and Patty, I like Kate Franklin, Tom Shayes, Katie Connor, and Ray Fiske, if you're looking for other characters to include. Femslash is welcome but I'd prefer no fluff or established/exclusive relationship for Ellen and Patty.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: I love all the ladies in this fandom and they're all underrepresented, IMO, so there's a lot of room for you to play here! I adore Sarah Jane and would love to see her explored with any of the other ladies; I'd be interested to see Rani and Maria interact; I love all of the mother/child dynamics, so anything with Maria/Chrissie(/Alan), Carla/Clyde, and/or Rani/Gita(/Haresh) would be fabulous (maybe Carla or Gita finding out what their kids do in their spare time?). Or really, just feel free to mix and match! If you have an awesome scene with Jo and Chrissie you're dying to write, I'd love to read it!

Other Doctor Who-verse characters are welcome if you're so inclined, but I'd prefer the focus be on the SJA universe/era. For example, if you're writing Jo and/or Sarah Jane, I'd rather it be focused on them after they meet in Death of the Doctor and stick to that canon, rather than anything too heavily centered on their past in the TARDIS. In terms of ships, I like Alan/Chrissie, Rani/Clyde, really all of the canon ships. I'm pretty convinced that Maria is gay, as well, so please no Maria/Luke (or other male character).

I'm not sure how helpful this is, but I really will be happy with anything and any combination of characters for this show!

Star Trek: The Next Generation: I love Alyssa. She's a pretty minor character so initially I just loved her because of her association with Beverly, but she's pretty awesome in her own right, too. I'd love any fic with her in a leading role, so you're off to a good start!

Like I said, I adore her relationship with Beverly, so if you want to explore that I'm happy with it in any form you'd like - friends, mentor/protege, femslash, whatever. They spend all day together, and we don't get to see much of it at all, so any snapshot into their day-to-day lives would be great.

It would also be fun to see Alyssa as the "everyman" - we as viewers always know what's going on because we follow the senior staff, but there are a lot of crises that people like Alyssa would have very little knowledge about. I'd love to see her POV during something like that, or during the aftermath. (For example, what did she think of having a Borg brought on board in "I, Borg"?. Or, for that matter, having Picard turned into Locutus?)

Finally, if you're familiar with the novels, they have Alyssa's husband dying and her transferring to the Titan with her son. There's a lot of material in that, I think, if you're so inclined!

General preferences: I'm a big fan of team/family and mentor/protege dynamics. I love new takes on characters I love, whether it's through putting them in new situations or simply through character studies. I like seeing characters out of their element and rising to various challenges, awkward or angsty relationships moving forward in one way or another, hurt/comfort, snarky characters, intelligent kids, and unlikely friendships. I love AUs, although generally I prefer "what if?" scenarios to completely different universes (i.e. "What if Ellen hadn't walked away at the end?" rather than "Ellen and Patty in the wild west!"). I'm a big fan of melancholy/bittersweet stories. I'm fine with anything from G through NC-17 (though for SJA I'd prefer it stay below R) and while smut is fine, I'd prefer it not be simply PWP. No non/dub-con, incest, bestiality, watersports, etc.

Again, thank you for writing for me! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

- Avery


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