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Hello! This is my first time participating in Yuletide, so I'm very excited to dive in, and especially to see what you come up with for me! I'm generally pretty easy to please; I hope that this letter will help answer any questions you may have, but rest assured that I will be excited and delighted by whatever you have to offer!

I'm a newcomer to this show - in fact, I've only seen season three, having been sucked in by the marvelous Sarah Clarke as Lena Smith. While I've been more or less caught up with the events of the first two seasons, the season three era and Lena's character are definitely what I'm most familiar with and interested in. I'd love to see Lena explored however you'd like! Her relationships with Annie and Joan were especially fascinating to me, so if you'd like to expand on one or both of them, that would be great. (Femslash is welcome!) Lena's so wonderfully mysterious, so backstory would be fun (especially if it involves her time with Joan in Nairobi, which was hinted at so much but never really delved into); more insight into her time as a double agent, especially when working with Annie, would also be great. I also love "what if?" type AUs, so anything to that end would be fun - what if Lena was never caught? What if Annie agreed to become a double, as Lena suggested in 3x10? What if Lena was wounded but not killed at the end? 

There's a lot of wonderful Sharon/Brenda fic out there, but never enough, IMO! I'm perfectly happy with femslash, friendship, or frenemy dynamics. For these two, I tend to prefer at least an edge to the relationship - pure fluff isn't as much fun, though it has its moments. Although any time period works, I'd love something set post-series; with Major Crimes, we have a good idea of what Sharon's been up to, but Brenda's gone off the grid! It would be great to see what she's been up to, how she's settling into her new job, and if/how she's keeping up with Sharon and the rest of the Major Crimes Division. Maybe something exploring her having to work with her old team for the first time since leaving? (As for the Major Crimes spinoff, if you decide to go post-series, feel free to incorporate the events of season one OR to ignore anything after The Closer finale.) Other characters are welcome, too - Rusty, Flynn, Gabriel, Provenza, and DDA Hobbs are among my favorites. Angst and melancholy are great, as is general uncertainty and awkwardness. Snarky Sharon is also a definite plus.

Sarah Jane and Maria are the only two characters I listed, but I love them all! I just wanted to make sure that those two were featured (preferably prominently). Lots of leeway here - can be set at any time during or after the series and feature any/all characters (I'm a big fan of the team dynamic). Humor, angst, adventure - you name it, I'll read it.  Characters from DW are also welcome; Martha, Mickey, Jack, Jo Grant, the Brig, etc. It would be great to see the SJA crew during some of the big DW/Torchwood emergencies (Miracle Day, the year of the black cubes, what have you). As much fun as adventure is, though, I'm really a sucker for the family at the heart of the show, so I'd be just as thrilled with a low-key Maria character study focusing on Sarah Jane and their friends. My only real request is that Sarah Jane doesn't die; there's been a bit too much of that in fic since Elisabeth Sladen's sad passing.

General preferences: I prefer gen fic (canon pairings okay) or femslash, and am a big fan of team/family dynamics. I love new takes on characters I love, whether it's through putting them in new situations or simply through character studies. The three fandoms I've chosen are pretty different, but interesting female relationships are at the heart of them all. I like seeing characters out of their element and rising to various challenges, awkward or angsty relationships moving forward in one way or another, hurt/comfort, snarky characters, intelligent kids, and unlikely friendships. I'm a big fan of melancholy/bittersweet stories, though - at least for SJA - a more or less happy/resolved ending would be appreciated. I'm fine with anything from G through NC-17 (though for SJA I'd prefer it stay below R) and while smut is fine, I'd prefer it not be simply PWP. No non/dub-con, incest, bestiality, watersports, etc. 

I hope that's helpful! I know I'll love whatever you come up with. Thanks so much for writing for me!


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